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Tyler Loftis is an American Artist based in New York City with Mid Western roots


During his early years in Michigan, Tyler created paintings & drawings inside a self-imposed study regimen until leaving high school early to reside in New York City where he spent years in formal art schooling. His training occurred at both the New York Studio School and The New York Academy of Art. He studied with iconic 20th century artist Mercedes Matter, an epic figure in the US art world and one of Tyler's mentors. Matter engaged him in direct connection with an unbroken line of influential American and European artists including her father, Arthur B. Carles as well as Matisse. 


Extensive collaboration with Paul Resika brought Tyler to experiment more with his work in addition to being directly influenced by Paul's famous art teacher Hans Hofmann, who is responsible for the New York School art movement, a center of modern painting in the US. This intense preparation and exposure inspired Tyler to travel throughout Europe to further study the old masters. He particularly enjoyed extensive travels throughout Italy, a culture he visits often and has a special affinity for. After learning some Italian, Tyler was able to reach remote places throughout the country to see the wonderful churches hidden in Venice and Tuscany, to mosaics in Ravenna, to wall paintings in Pompeii and all the major museums in Naples, Milan, Rome, Venice and Florence. 


This continued learning and traveling gave birth to Tyler's unique painting style. Rooted in meticulous observation of how the subject matter interacts with the surrounding space, Tyler paints slowly and deliberately in the immaculate environment of his studio, with large works often taking months, sometimes years to complete. 


In 2011, Tyler founded The Fire Barn Gallery in Grand Haven, Michigan where numerous significant exhibitions took place during its four-year standing. Some of the shows collaborated on included Detroit Institute of Arts, Grand Rapids Art Museum, ArtPrize and Muskegon Museum of Art. 


After having an incredible experience with The Fire Barn Gallery, Tyler was inspired to create a dedicated space for independent artists; this is how AllArtWorks was born. Initially a curated traveling showcase of local artists and their artwork, today where it has expanded into a national website further exposing great artists throughout the country. 


AllArtWorks has brought art to the forefront of culture in art deserts throughout the United States by highlighting local talent and the functional and cultural impact that art can have in these communities 


2019 / Prince Reimagined: Amfar / New York

2018 / Portraits For Purpose / New York /

2014 / Modern Color: Paul Resika & Tyler Loftis / New York

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